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The resident population (48% male and 52% female) of the Devonport peninsula at the time of the 2013 census was 23,070. Of those 20.6% are under 15, 66.1% are aged between 15 and 64 and 13.3% are aged 65 and over. Two thirds were born in New Zealand and one third were born overseas. 

The vast majority (87.4%) of residents identified as European. A further 8.0% identified as Asian, 6.8% as Maori, 2.4% as Pacific peoples, 1.4% Middle Eastern/Latin American/African (MELAA) and 1.7% identified as a different ethnic group.

Over half the local population stated they did not have a religious faith. This is significantly higher than for Auckland (37.8%) and New Zealand (41.9%) as a whole. A further 44% of Devonport residents said they were Christian.

There are 6,348 families, which is an increase of 4.8% since 2006 and 9.0% since 2001. Of those, half are couples with children, 36.5% are couples without children and 13.9% are one-parent families.

There are 8,328 households, of which 73% are made up of one family and 21.3% one person. 

The Devonport peninsula has above-average levels of personal income. More than 40% of individuals are recorded as having a personal income of over $50,000 a year, compared to 33.2% for the Auckland region and 26.7% for New Zealand as a whole.

Tertiary qualifications
The Devonport peninsula also has high levels of degree attainment among residents, with 22.1% holding Bachelors, 5.4% Postgraduate or Honours, 6.4% Masters and 1.6% Doctorate qualifications.
Employment and occupation
Two thirds of the resident population are in employment, with 51.0% working full time and 15.7% working part time.

Of those in employment, three quarters are paid employees. The remaining quarter are employers themselves (7.5%) or self employed (16.5%). The proportion of employers and self employed on the peninsula is considerably higher than for Auckland and New Zealand as a whole (18.4% and 18.7% respectively).

Over half of those working classified themselves as either managers (22.6%) or professionals (34.0%). This is significantly higher than for Auckland and New Zealand as a whole. For the other ANZSCO occupation groups, the proportions for the Devonport peninsula were:
  • 10.8% community workers
  • 10.7% clerical and administration
  • 9.0% trades
  • 8.3% sales
  • 4.5% other
Over half of individuals (53.1%) on the Devonport peninsula are in properties they own or part own, compared to 43.4% of Aucklanders and 49.8% for New Zealand collectively.

Of the 8,415 dwellings on the peninsula, 44.9% are owned or part owned, 24.3% are owned by a family trust and 30.7% are not owned by the occupier of a family trust. There are higher levels of family trust ownership in the area than for either Auckland (15.4%) or New Zealand (14.8%) as a whole.

2,289 househlds are in rented accommodation and of those 62.3% are paying more than $350 a week in rent.

Vehicle ownership
Nearly 80% of Devonport households have one vehicle or two vehicles. A further 14.5% have three or more vehicles.

Cell phone access and internet access are available in more than 87% of households.

Smoking habits
A significant minority of 7.4% claimed to be regular smokers. This is less than half the same proportion across New Zealand (15.1%) and fewer than the equivalent rates for Auckland (12.9%). The numbers of regular smokers are down  compared to the 2006 census, when 12.1% indicated they were regular smokers at that time and 25.2% said they were ex-smokers, compared with 23.5% in 2013. The proportion of those peninsula residents who have never smoked regularly was 69.0% in 2013, whereas in 2006 it was 62.6%.

Source: Statistics New Zealand, 2013 census

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